“an eye-opening, inspiring music-biz story which charts the 32 year ongoing journey of Ria John Bob through the music business. Their remarkably eventful and packed journey includes Bob discovering and working with award-winning global pop star Sam Smith for the first few years of Sam’s music career. Sam also recording Ria John Bob songs for his first album - ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’
...and Sam said... "I've gone on an incredible, incredible journey with the first album, it has given me the ability to learn my art” Sam Smith.

Ria John Bob’s story has a unique ending which is also a new beginning”.

Sam Smith and RJB

‘Sum Of All Totals’ Underscores a snapshot of RJB’s music-biz journey.

“This is not a sob story, it's about creative endurance, highs and lows and ducking and diving to survive - something to which most people will relate but is frequently hidden behind the mask of people's perception of what making it in the music business is about " Ria, John, Bob

"Music's meant to help you breathe, fill your life with positivity” RJB