Flipbook TV is a new brand with a slate of new TV shows, concepts, formats, ideas. Books include new imprint - the multi-media DocuVideoBook.

The slate includes Sam Smith’s creative portfolio 2007-2010 … ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ 75 min documentary film & soundtrack |’According To … Sam’ 35 min one-to-one interview for tv | ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ Sam’s first album and singles. | ‘The Book Of Sam’ tells Sam’s story - 560 pages in 3 chapters.

Flipbook Music (aka Venus & Mars Music (V&M) is a catalogue of recorded & published music.

The Team - John O'Reilly and Dee O'Reilly. Business partners since 1998, Dee has been in the business since 1980 and John (nephew), since 1992 (after a spell in the Royal Navy). Our previous experience spans a broad spectrum of activities including:- tv formats / productions | music recording & publishing | producing-promoting | artist development & management. We swapped our studios - 1986-2016 - for laptops and set aside significant time and resources to create Flipbook TV’s portfolio and for Flipbook Music we curated our recorded and published music catalogue from previous work.